Otelligence Getting Started

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This page helps you with installing Syntaro Otelligence step by step. Further information about every step can be found in the respective pages and will be linked here.

Buying the Otelligence Module

  • Sign in on our Syntaro Portal with your tenant credentials.
  • Access the marketplace module and open the "Modules" blade
  • Choose the Module "Otelligence Center".
    • Additionally you can also buy your first Otelligence Plugin. These are named like "Otelligence - <PluginName>"
  • Click on buy and choose your preferred subscription plan. This can be monthly or annually.
  • After a short moment, your new plugin is accessible on the left side of the Syntaro Portal

More detailed information can be found here.

Installation of the Otelligence Connector

  • Navigate to the Otelligence Module and open the blade "Connectors"
  • Download the Otelligence Connector and move the downloaded .MSI-File to the machine you want to install the connector on.
  • Create a Service User Account for the Otelligence Connector (we recommend naming this user something like "sa_otelligence")
  • Add the Service Account to the members of the user permission "Log on as a batch job" so the Account can run tasks in the task scheduler
  • Install the Connector and input the credentials of the Service Account in the first window that pops up.
  • After validating the user, finish installing the connector.
  • To validate if the installation was successful, control the directory "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Syntaro Otelligence Connector\".

More detailed information can be found here.

Installation of an Otelligence Plugin

  • After you have bought one or multiple modules, you will find them in the Otelligence Center in the blade "Plugins".
  • With the next run of the scheduled task, the data of the plugins will be installed automatically
    • You can also manually start the task scheduler on the machine where you have installed the connector
  • Navigate to the directory where the plugins are installed %SYSTEMDRIVE%\ProgramData\Otelligence\
  • Open the directory "config" and your respective folder of the plugin
  • Fill out the required information in the config.json file
  • Your plugin will start collecting data with the next run of the scheduled task

More detailed information can be found here.