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1. Otelligence Connector The Otelligence Connector communicates with the Syntaro Otelligence cloud and Plugins. Its function is to start the plugins and send the collected data to the Syntaro cloud.
2. Otelligence Plugins The Plugins are started by the Otelligence Connector's scheduled task. They collect the plugin-specific data from their configured source and save them in files which are transmitted to the Syntaro Otelligence cloud after every plugin finished their respective job.
3. Otelligence Cloud The Otelligence cloud receives the data from your Connectors and saves them in a database that is assigned to your Syntaro tenant. Furthermore, if you configured a baseline for a plugin, it compares both datasets and generates notifications or reports for you to review.
4. Otelligence Center In the Otelligence Center you gain insight into the collected data. You will see messages if certain values do not meet the requirements of the configured baseline anymore or alternatively, you can get a central overview over all your data without plunging through many different portals. A central dashboard and a collection of widgets helps you to create a overview that adjusts freely according to your needs and wishes.


The price model of Syntaro Otelligence is a bit different than usually. Due to the fact, that there are two different pricing plans in action, we have a brief explanation how these plans have to be interpreted to help you fully understand how every product is priced.

Otelligence Connector The Otelligence Connector is priced in regards to how long your data will be stored and accessible to ensure you can be compliant with your specific security and legal requirements. Also included are two instances of the connector which can be used for your infrastructure. For example you can use one instance of the connector to monitor your development and testing infrastructure while the second instances is used to gather data of your productive environment. Everything with only one license.
Otelligence Plugins Whilst the license of the Otelligence Connector includes the data archive and two instances, plugins are needed to actually collect your data. Because every plugin has a different set of functionality and cover a different need, these plugins have to be purchased separately. These plugins can be purchased over the marketplace and you can choose the specific plugin that fits your need. No need to pay for functionality which is not used.

The different prices can be accessed through our website or in the Syntaro Marketplace.
If further questions would arise, we are happy to assist you in each and every way possible over our online contact form