Syntaro Portal Release Notes

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1905 - 29. May 2019

Syntaro Portal:

  • General: Overall performance has been enhanced.
  • Modules: Syntaro Otelligence Center (Preview).
  • Feature: Invoice only to invoice E-Mail.

Syntaro Otelligence Center (Preview):

  • General: With Otelligence Center a completely new module is available in Syntaro at a preview version.
  • Feature: Some Plugins are already available on request.

Syntaro Application Management:

  • General: Rolling quota for devices. (Devices don't get counted to quota after 30 days of inactivity)
  • General: Overall performance has been enhanced.
  • Bugfix: NotFoundInRepo value in registry has been improved. The counter now only increments if the Package is not available within the package Provider. Update your base package on all clients to benefit from this change.
  • Bugfix: Package version specific device list now supports infinite scrolling.

1811 - 13. Dec 2018

Syntaro Application Management:

  • Feature: Devices can be deleted from the Device List. In particular useful for restaged, decommissioned or duplicate devices.
  • Feature: Device List Cleanup is a new functionality of Syntaro App Management. A period can be defined within which the device has to get in contact with Syntaro. If it doesn't the device will get removed from the device list.
  • Bugfix: The infinite scroll issue on the device list has been solved.

Syntaro Portal:

  • Feature: Tenant switching has been implemented. You can give access to your supporting partner. With that functionality, collaborative work is made a lot easier for all involved.
  • Feature: An OData Interface is now available. With it you can consume information regarding your Syntaro environment.


  • Modules: SLA for the Application Management and WimAsAService modules were added. If you are reliant on guaranteed response times, this is the right module for you.


  • Functionality: Application Management and WimAsAService trials can now be requested even if your trial has expired or you've bought licenses. Feel free to contact us with your individual requests here.

1805 - 27. May 2018

Syntaro Application Management P2:

Syntaro Application Management:

  • Feature: New Incremental Scheduled Task will use lower resources during execution and only check changed assignments.
  • Feature: Scheduled Tasks checks after execution, if there was a change in assignments during execution and then executes again if required.
  • Feature: More RuckZuck Packages are available in the repository. Requires latest RuckZuck OneGet Provider.
  • Feature: Improved Logging Capabilities, now you can also enable file based logging instead of just Windows Event logging.
  • Feature: A lot of new settings are possible on the devices.
  • Feature: Is latest Tag on a package is now renamed to (Archive/Production) according to the new Application Management P2 module.
  • Feature: Ability to specify an available time. Clients will only install this version when the available time is reached.

Syntaro Portal:

  • Feature: Customers can now select the Partner which helped to implement the feature.
  • Feature: You can now specify a contact person and VAT Number for your tenant. It will be printed on the invoice.

1803 - 14. Mar 2018

Syntaro Application Management:

  • Feature: Deployed package version is now displayed per client in the inventory
  • Feature: You can now Update the base Script centrally for all packages
  • Feature: Improved Logging Capabilities
  • Feature: Initial script Tab is now the aligned with a normal packaging flow
  • Feature: Signing MSI & PS Scripts to improve Security
  • Bugfix: Filehash Calculation

Syntaro Portal:

  • Feature: Preperations for new Modules

1801 - 19. Jan 2018

Syntaro Portal:

  • Feature: Marketplace improvement
  • Feature: E-Mail Invoices
  • Feature: Smother sign in process for new customers
  • Feature: Trial's can now be ordered in seconds without interaction of baseVISION.

1.2.2 - 02. Oct. 2017

Syntaro Portal:

  • Bugfix: Authentication Token generation after Timeout of 2 hours fixed

1.2.1 - 18. Sept. 2017

Syntaro Application Management:

  • Feature: Performance Optimization for End Clients
  • Feature: BranchCache Support
  • Feature: Improved Logging Capabilities
  • Bugfix: File Hash Calculation

Syntaro WimAsAService

  • Availability of Module

Syntaro Portal:

  • Optimized Processes in Marketplace