WIM2USB Introduction

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General Solution Overview

WIM2USB is baseVISION’s Solution to create a bootable USB Stick to install a PC.
This is one Method to install a PC in a Lightweight Workplace Management or Modern Workplace Management Scenario.

When using a USB Stick to Install your Clients you don’t need Config Manager, MDT or any other Deployment Solution.

WIM2USB let’s you do the following things:
- Create a USB Stick that is bootable.
- Creates a USB Sticks that ether works with BIOS or UEFI enabled Clients.
- It lets you use your custom WIM for Installation trough USB Sticks.
- You can later easily replace you Custom WIM with a new one.
- You can also Add Driver Packages to your USB Stick so that those Drivers will get installed during Setup.
- It also puts the YourInstallation.exe to your USB Stick. That second Tool lets a End-User that uses the Stick or the admin in the Field, to do some simple adjustments on the autounattend.xml File.

Images created with WimAsAService work grate with WIM2USB.