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On this Page we document all the Global Application Packages that we provide for you

Provided by baseVISION


This Application contains the two Microsoft Hotfixes KB2909941 and KB2087873.
Please use this Application if you want to Deploy Windows 7 on NVMe SSD Disks.
Windows 7 doesn't support the NVMe technology by default.
If the Hotfixes are not applied to the image in the situation mentioned, the Deployment fails with a Blue Screen of Death.
Depending on your Hardware some BIOS Settings have to be changed.
BIOS Settings for Win7 NVMe Support


Do not use this Application! It stops the generation Process of your WIM.
This Package is only intended for Debugging through the baseVISION Support Staff


Places the Cmtrace Tool (Handy for reading Config Manager Logs) from Microsoft in your C:\Windows Folder


Disables Windows 10 Consumer Features with setting the following registry Key:


You can find more Details about this Setting here:
Seeing extra apps? Turn them off


Fixes a Problem in Windows 10 1511 where the Computer could revert to a previous date and time


You can find more Details about this Setting here:
A computer that is running Windows 10 Version 1511 reverts to a previous date and time


This Application adds the newest Monthly Channel version for Office 365 ProPlus for the languages German and English.
It adds all Office Applications contained in the ProPlus Version.
For the product activation, a Office 365 ProPlus license has to be assigned to the User.


This Package initiates a restart.
You can use it if you need a Restart after a certain other Package Installation that doesn’t correctly provide a 3010 Exit Code.

Provided by ruckzuck

The following Applications are importer form the Service https://ruckzuck.tools/
baseVISION has not created or tested those Packages.
If you want more information about those Applications you can find theme in the RuckZuck Repository

If there is a newer Version provided on RuckZuck or you need another Application that is available through RuckZuck,
please feel free to contact us and we will try to import it for you.

- GLOBAL_Adobe_AcrobatReaderDCMUI_15.020.20039_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Adobe_FlashPlayerActiveX_24.0.0.186_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_Adobe_FlashPlayerNPAPI_24.0.0.186_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_Adobe_FlashPlayerPPAPI_24.0.0.186_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Adobe_ReaderXI_11.0.16_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_FoxitSoftwareInc._FoxitReader_8.1.4.1208_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_IgorPavlov_7-Zip_16.04_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_.NETFramework_4.6.1_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_.NETFramework_4.6.2_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_Silverlight_5.1.41212.0_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_Silverlight_5.1.41212.0_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_VCRedist2010_10.0.40219_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_VCRedist2010_10.0.40219_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_VCRedist2012_11.0.61030.0_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_VCRedist2012_11.0.61030.0_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_VCRedist2013_12.0.30501.0_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_VCRedist2013_12.0.30501.0_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_VCRedist2015_14.0.23026.0_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Microsoft_VCRedist2015_14.0.23026.0_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_Mozilla_FirefoxESR_45.5.0_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Notepad++Team_Notepad++_7.2.2_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Oracle_Java_8.0.1110.14_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_Oracle_Java_8.0.1110.14_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_pdfforge_PDFCreator_2.4.1_001_P_EN_x86
- GLOBAL_VideoLAN_VLCmediaplayer_2.2.4_001_P_EN_x64
- GLOBAL_VideoLAN_VLCmediaplayer_2.2.4_001_P_EN_x86